Thoracotomy Search Terms

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Title/Abstract, 1966 to present (pain OR analgesi* OR anaesthesi* OR anesthesi* OR  “visual analogue” OR VRS OR McGill OR epidural OR neuraxial OR intrathecal OR caudal OR spinal OR “paravertebral block” OR narcotic OR cryo OR intrapleural OR “intercostal block” OR “continuous intercostal nerve block” OR “combined epidural-general” OR “combined regional-general”) AND (Lobectomy OR “Thoracic surgery” OR “Intrathoracic surgery” OR “Hemithoracic surgery” OR “Chest surgery” OR Thoracotomy OR Postthoracotomy OR Post-thoracotomy OR “Post thoracotomy” OR Cardio-thoracic OR Cardiothoracic OR Pulmonectomy OR Pneumonectomy)