Radical Prostatectomy systematic search strategy

Systematic search strategy

Literature search in Medline and Embase using Embase as search engine



((‘meta analysis’/exp
OR (meta NEAR/1 analy*):ab,ti OR metaanalys*:ab,ti OR (systematic NEAR/1 (review* OR overview*)):ab,ti) OR (cancerlit:ab
OR cochrane:ab OR embase:ab OR psychlit:ab OR psyclit:ab
OR psychinfo:ab OR psycinfo:ab OR cinhal:ab OR cinahl:ab OR ‘science
citation index’:ab OR bids:ab) OR (‘reference lists’:ab OR bibliograph*:ab
OR ((hand OR manual) NEAR/1 search*):ab OR (relevant NEAR/1 journals):ab) OR ((‘data extraction’ OR ‘selection
):ab AND review:pt))
NOT (letter:pt OR editorial:pt OR (‘animal’/exp NOT (‘animal’/exp AND ‘human’/exp)))


(‘Clinical trial‘/exp OR
‘Randomized controlled trial‘/exp OR ‘Randomization‘/exp OR ‘Single blind
procedure‘/exp OR ‘Double blind procedure‘/exp OR ‘Crossover procedure‘/exp
OR ‘Placebo‘/exp OR ‘Randomised controlled trial’:ab,ti OR ‘Randomized
controlled trial’:ab,ti OR Rct:ab,ti OR ‘Random allocation’:ab,ti OR
‘Randomly allocated’:ab,ti OR ‘Allocated randomly’:ab,ti OR (allocated NEAR/2
random):ab,ti OR ‘Single blind’:ab,ti OR ‘Double blind’:ab,ti OR ((treble OR
triple) NEAR/1 blind):ab,ti OR Placebo*:ab,ti OR ‘Prospective study‘/exp) NOT
(‘Case study‘/exp OR ‘Case report’:ab,ti OR ‘Abstract report‘/exp OR


‘prostatectomy’/exp OR ‘prostate cancer’/exp OR
prostatectomy:ab,ti OR ((resection OR remov*) NEAR/3 prostat*):ab,ti OR
(prostat* NEAR/1 (neoplasm* or cancer* or carcinoma* or neoplasia* or tumor*
or tumour* or malignan*)):ab,ti


OR ‘pain assessment’/exp OR ‘postoperative pain’/exp OR pain:ab,ti OR
‘analgesia’/exp OR VAS:ab,ti OR anesthesia:ab,ti OR anaesthesia:ab,ti OR
‘visual analogue scale’:ab,ti OR VRS:ab,ti OR ‘verbal rating scale’:ab,ti OR
NRS:ab,ti OR ‘numerical rating scale’:ab,ti


Limitation: English